Friday, April 23, 2010

Somewhat Spiralish

It's a Grayscale Graphic Today
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    Today's fractal is a study in gray. And spirals. The importance of being gray and a spiral. And having an outside=fmod. This is an important insight, or so I'm told. And in further news  the Apr. 22 post is fixed. Somebody helpfully pointed out the Bubble Spiral thumbnail link was broken and wouldn't download. Details,details the life of a blogger is harder than I thought.

Till next time keep on iterating - Max Iter

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bubble Spiral

Bubble Spiral

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            I called it  Bubble Spiral because it looks like a spiral of bubbles. My logic is flawless....bwahahahaha!!! Released under the Creative Commons attribution license.This means you can use it for commercial or non-commercial purposes (including derivative works) free of charge if you credit me. Use "Fractal Design by Max Iter" as the credit. Also I'd really like if you sent me an email with a link if you use anything on a website. My ego thanks you -  ; o)

See ya later - Max Iter

Fractint and Fmod Colouring

This is definitely a fractal

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      If you are familiar with Fractint the smooth colouring using outside=fmod instead of atan or decompostion might be interesting.The fmod  proximity value was set at 0.1 instead of the typical 0.01. For comparison the same fractal with outside=iter and default map is below.

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More to follow! -Max Iter

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fractals, Fractint and the Droste Effect

 Recursion and Chocolate

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        The Droste effect is is named after a brand of Dutch cocoa which used the technique of recursively placing increasingly smaller copies of an image on the labels of its tins and boxes. Todays fractal exhibits such optical reverberation. Two sizes are posted today, one at 800x600 and one at 3200x2400. Use the big one to zoom in and verify the presence of visual feedback.

Little Droste Gif

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Big Droste Gif

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See ya later -Max Iter

Monday, April 19, 2010

Next on Dr. Phil- Obese Minibrots

Mr. Fatso Brot

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Last Monday I posted a mutant big head minibrot. Now I present the obese Mr.Fatso Brot.
Hopefully it will amuse the fractal enthusiasts out there.
Lots more to come -Max Iter