Saturday, April 3, 2010

IFS Fern

Autumn Fern

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The IFS Fern, Iconic Fractal

Max Iter

Friday, April 2, 2010

Chlorophyll and Refraction

  Leafy Spiral
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     A cyber plant,silicon and carbon.Here's the formula:
jenn040{; Arno Jennen

Stained Glass

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Reminds me of colored glass.Another formula for you.

Pc10-27 {; V.1.1 - earlier versions may be discarded
; Copyright (c)1998,1999 Morgan L. Owens
; = Pc[10] = ((2(10z-9)-1)Pc[9]-9Pc[8])/10
t=p1, bailout=real(p2), z=pixel, x=real(pixel)
y=imag(pixel), h=imag(p2):
x=newx, y=newy
x=x-t*Ty, y=y+t*Tx

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 1 and Initorbit

 2 Fractint initorbit fractals

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Can you see the April Fool's joke in the above image? The April Fool's joke is that there is
no April Fool's joke.There is no spoon either.Seriously it's a Mandelbrot made with the startup command set to initorbit=-0.6/0.5.While in Fractint press the G key to bring up the interactive startup command screen to enter these values.

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      The next image is a mandellambda type with initorbit command set to initorbit=0.9/-0.8 To reset initorbit to default values enter initorbit=pixel .If you use Fractint try varying these values and see what you get .As for using this command it seems to work on Mandel types but not Julias.My understanding of fractal math is almost non-existent so I can't say what this means.Both the original gifs are in Fractint form with the par info so you can load 'em up and experiment.

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stupid Fractint Tricks

First find a picture

Next grayscale and save as a gif

Next open in Fractint and load a color map.Different maps give different colors.

Save and your done!

Rainbow Colors

Mandel Zoom

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                    Jim Muth (a prolific contributor to the Fractint Mailing List) recently gave us the sad news both Fractal Cats have now passed on.Done in cheery rainbow colors this fractal remembers the many happy moments they must have brought to their friends and circle.

fract009.gif { ; Fractal Cat Rainbow

; blank
; blank
; created Mar 31, 2010
; Fractint Version 2004 Patchlevel 9
reset=2004 type=mandel passes=1
4999471824578308/0.000489382593337361893 params=0/0 float=y
maxiter=7000 logmap=408 cyclerange=0/255

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Electric Starfish

Fractals for everbody

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            Here's another Fractint generated fractal.While Fractint is a dos program that runs in full screen mode and Vista won't allow that, with the programs DOSbox and D-Fend Reloaded I've gotten great results.Fractint's only real weakness is that it produces only 256 bit gif images. Well that's life.This fractal is 1024x768 size.To get the larger fractal left click on the image to bring up the original then right click on that image and chose Save Picture As...

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Volcanic Lace Resized

Volcanic Lace remix

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Previous post, image resized to1600x1200.
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Volcanic Lace

Volcanic Lace

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Original gif version

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Anti-aliased version (jpg)


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